Shedding for the wedding!

Top tips to be tip top on the big day

Brides and grooms naturally want to look and feel their best on their wedding day. But sometimes ‘Mission: wedding bod’ can hinder the actual planning as there is so much conflicting information.

Over the years as wedding photographers in Essex, we have been lucky to play a part in many special days. We’ve watched planning dramas and weight woes unfold (don’t worry, it always works out in the end!) Here, we pull together some tried and tested tips for those who are ‘shedding for the wedding’. (always consult a specialist when starting a new diet)

1. Start early

On the day, hair and makeup artists will bring out the best bridal look, videographers and wedding photographers will capture the most flattering angles. If you would feel more comfortable a little more ‘streamlined’, it’s best to put the work in early.

Remember ‘slow and steady when slimming sensibly’: Losing 1lb a week over a year is far more attainable than trying to lose 12lbs in the month before the biggest day of your life! 

2. Stagger your goal

In wedding planning you soon learn that 18 months is not the eternity you once presumed. In fact, 18 months creeps up alarmingly quickly!

Brides and grooms can adopt a “Mañana, Mañana” attitude to themselves whilst picking out chair covers, photo booths and caterers… before realising their nuptials are around the corner and they’ve made no fitness progress. So try to ‘stepping stone’ your way to your ultimate goal by breaking it into smaller, sooner goals.

The birthday party you are attending next month? That gig in three months? Perhaps you want to lose 4lbs by your birthday or squat 50kg by Christmas? Hit these smaller goals and before you know it, you will be smashing your overarching goal.

3. Exercise for health – and make it fun!

Whether we admit it or not, most of us exercise for vanity: the flat stomachs, the lean arms, the toned backs. By learning to enjoy the health benefits alongside the fat melting, you will detract focus from the number on the scales.

We weren’t made to pound treadmills thanklessly for hours on end, so mix up your exercise to keep it fun. Bond with your wedding party and exercise together (we’re looking at you, bridesmaids and groomsmen!) Try new classes and spark a little friendly competition, or surprise your guests by taking up dance classes with your betrothed. So long, two left feet!

Whichever form it takes, exercise ultimately makes you fitter and stronger. It will dramatically increase your stamina for the big day, meaning you can enjoy it more. Who wouldn’t sign up to that?!

4. Be realistic 

Never pick wedding attire to ‘slim into’. This kind of pressure is unproductive, and besides, the love of your life loves you, not your measurements!

Although losing an inch or two can boost confidence, trying to slim into a size you haven’t worn since your teens will set you up for a mammoth challenge at best, or failure… plus a likely non-returnable outfit.

Be realistic with your goals and don’t be too hard on yourself.

5. Nourish every cell

Wedding planning and increased exercise can zap every cell in your body. Your immunity to pesky bugs could therefore be lower than usual.

Clear the wedmin-induced brain fog with golden linseed (flax seeds). They are a rich and low-calorie source of Omega 3 fatty acids – as good for your brain as they are for your waistline. Linseeds have also been linked to luscious hair growth. Packing three tablespoons into a daily smoothie, alongside leafy greens, ginger and fruit will help improve your memory, skin and immune system.

A low- sugar, nutrient-dense diet will bring more ‘glow’ to your complexion and wellbeing than any facial could. Two litres of water a day will also help. We are essentially giant water balloons!

6. Remember to eat

Sounds a little contradictory, right? But many couples – brides especially – drastically lose weight in their wedding lead-up. Under eating through stress, anxiety or sheer forgetfulness is common. Avoid last minute dress dramas (and costly emergency seamstress appointments) by eating healthily and regularly in the build-up to your wedding.

We hope you found these tips useful. It is important to remember that:

  • Every bride and groom will always look perfect on their wedding day
  • Confidence comes from within – not shifting stubborn lbs
  • Your new journey as husband and wife will overrule any stress, niggle or setback you might encounter along the way to W-day!

If you have any questions on anything above, your wedding aesthetic or you are looking for a wedding photographer in Essex (or beyond – we travel nationally!) please get in touch. We’re happy to help!

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